Absolute dream job? Cataloging and consuming magazines past and present. (Not to mention managing social media / writing for them!) Today’s talk at Condé Nast from @hymag_ released my inner magazine geek – from my early days spending all my pocket money on Fast Forward and Smash Hits and Shout to my teen years literally waiting for publication day at the local newsagents and approaching the counter with my arms full of mags. The pages helped me travel to the bustling world of London and all around the world from the quiet village I lived in. It was so exciting to hear @hymag_’s plans for the future, while dreaming about a trip to their archive. And the quick presentation of their prototype digital search of magazines almost made me squeal with joy!! Time travel at its best. Wow. Thanks @maghanmcd for setting it up. ⚡️ October 16, 2019 at 02:16PM

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