Thanks for visiting! I’m Beth, I’m based in London, and I work as a freelance Content Consultant – currently with the brilliant digital team at Lush Cosmetics – since leaving my job as Content + Social lead at Birchbox in August 2017.

I joined Birchbox for the UK launch in January 2013. Over the 4.5 years I was with the company, my responsibilities included hiring and managing a growing team; commissioning, editing and writing content; managing strategy and schedules; producing video content; and supporting the creative team for a year as Acting Content + Creative Director. I also led on company-wide team culture and made wider business decisions with the leadership team.

I love to write and edit. I started my working life at The Guardian, and I was launch editor of San Francisco-based Sugar Inc.’s PopSugar UK from 2008-2011. I have experience writing digital features (including reviews) and covering social channels for outlets including ELLEUK.com, Cosmopolitan.co.uk, Handbag, HolyMoly.com, Yahoo! Movies, Saga, LOOK, Gigwise, Studio, Entertainmentwise, and Company.

I genuinely love hearing the stories of brands and people, and then helping them get everything in place to tell them. You can find me on InstagramTwitter, LinkedIn, and even see some of my older celeb-focused work on Tumblr.

I’d love to work with you – let’s talk!


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